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Fashion is Istanbul


Foreign visitors from 86 countries in total including Europe, Balkans, Africa, Asia, CIS, Middle East and Gulf countries

Exhibitor Satisfaction

Exhibitors from Turkey, USA, France, Italy, England, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Lebanon, India and Romania

Visitor Satisfaction

Visitors awaiting the fair every year and revisiting next year

Interest and Admiration for the Fashion Shows

The rate of total visitors watching and following the fashion shows for 3 days

Export Volume

A hosted buyer program consisting of 800 people from 28 countries, especially European countries, with B2B business meetings

Fashion is Hope


New Paradigm: deep inequality, merging and sustainability

The new normal and digital revolution that came with the pandemic of the 2020s also offer us the concepts of the new age. Deep Inequality: races and genders, elites and poor, healthy and disabled, people and robots. Merging: Humanity's transformation with technology. Sustainability: Mankind's quest and hope to maintain itself in the universe, even at the point where the world cannot be sustained. The renewed world will also create its own fashion and offer us exciting opportunities ahead. The Fashionist 2022 campaign points out that the old textile and ready-to-wear industry will transform with the new generations as well as the existence of humanity.

Fashion is Istanbul


Timeless designs in the city where passion turns into inspiration

The post-80s designer influence of the modern age made the designer a global fame with his creativity, creating super models and making the fashion shows the most striking events of the show business. Expensive and status quo brands born in fashion cities such as New York, London, Milan and Paris showed that they were not a sensible purchasing choice in the 2000s, accompanied by economic crises, and the bored consumer embarked on new and original searches that he could reach with the age of communication. Although traditional fashion hubs such as Paris, Milan and London continue to keep their places, today's fashion is your own culture and where you feel yourself from. Fashion is your identity. They are the inspiring lifestyles reflected in the design from the vibrant and original identity and multiculturalism of Istanbul. For us, Fashion is Istanbul.


With the energy of the significant passage connecting East and West, you can dominate the fashion world of Eurasia and establish business connections that will take your company to the next level.



You can attend seminars where industry professionals will share their creative processes, be the first to see the latest developments, trends and innovations in the fashion world, and watch the visual feasts that will take place in special fashion show areas.



You can benefit from the colorful and exciting atmosphere of Istanbul, which is inspired by different cultures, and develop your design processes with new trends.
Exhibitors’ Testimonials


We have been serving in the textile industry for more than 25 years. We are a company that works on daily wear and evening wear. The reason we participate in this fair is that foreign buyers are among our target audience. We had the chance to establish serious business contacts with Portugal, Netherlands and Greece. We are very pleased that it was a productive fair for us. We think we will take part in the next year.
Adnan Kara


I am glad I participated in the Fashionist Fair, it was very nice to contact customers I have known for the last 4-5 years. We were very busy especially on the first day, we could not even find the opportunity to go to the B2B area. There were many visitors from Palestine and Israel, Europe, Germany and the Middle East.


We successfully participated in Fashionist Istanbul. We met different people from different countries who did not attend to the fair in Izmir. Visitors come from such countries as the USA, the Czech Republic, France, Canada, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait. The fair went well for us. We are pleased to have attended, hopefully we are also planning to participate next year.
İsmail Urhan


Fashion shows are very professional. Providing fashion show services to all companies is a great advantage. The customer portfolio is diverse. Buyers came from Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Russia, Iran and many countries. Visitors came from almost every country in Europe.
Mehmet Ali Gümüş

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